Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oooooh Scary!

You may think this is a crazy make 'em up but it's not.

On Monday night, Dave, Kenny, Jenn, and I were putting together a podcast late at night at church. Eveything was going great until Jenn needed headphones. Dave went to the worship center to get them. Then Dave came back without the headphones. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. He told us that as he was about to go inside, he heard the patter of feet. Kind of like the sound of a bunch of people running inside. I thought it was Robert (The guy who lives at church.). So we decided to go with him and check it out .

So we walked inside and did some late night investegating. Nothing happened. After seeing that there was nothing there and that Dave was probably making the whole thing up, we started to walk down the hallway. Then something happened.

All of us were standing still and talking, when all of a sudden we heard a foot step that wasn't ours. We were all standing around. None of us were walking. It was loud. Robert wasn't at church at this time so we knew it wasn't him. I still have a weird feeling that it was probably just the church settling. I have scary things happen late at night at church. So I was a little scared. I actually want to believe that something was there. Wow!

We are thinking about conducting a ghost hunt at church. If anybody wants to come, you are free to do so. Dave says he has done this before and has seen weird things. I don't think I believe him but it does seem interesting. Personally, I would like to see something like a ghost at church. Even if Dave doesn't know anything. (JK Dave) No really! This stuff only happens in the movies. I'm going just for the fun of it.
November 10, sometime after 10pm. Come, it'll be freaking awesome


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hassan Chop!

There is one event that I look forward to more than others. No it's not Christmas or Wrestlemania. Not even my birthday. This is the one event that nobody cares about. It really serves no purpose. It is Looney Tunes DVD Tuesday. And Today is that day. You see my favorite thing to watch is old school Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. And for five years now around this time of year, Warner Bros. puts out a collection of about 60 of their finest cartoons on DVD.

Last year was very sad because there just wasn't a lot of good cartoons on the DVDs. This year they finally put one of the all-time greats, "Ali-Babba Bunny" on DVD. This cartoon features Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck traveling underground to get to Pismo Beach. Instead, they end up taking a left turn at Albuquerque and find themselves in a cave with a butt-load of treasure. I'm not going to spoil anything for you because it's a classic and you need to see it. It does feature a character named Hassan. Hassan is there to watch over the treasure. if anyone gets between him and the treasure Hassan has to chop him.
-Thank You Warner Bros.

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Just trying to be creative here.

I want to pput this up as my header. I just don't know how. If anybody knows, please tell me. I may give you candy or a high five. Whichever's free

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Whatever Happened To Cartoons?

When I was a kid I would wake up in the morning and watch cartoons as I got ready for school. I also used to rush home just so I could watch my favorite cartoons. Now I come home and there is nothing but talk shows, court shows, and the news. I guess I'm lying because if you have cable or direct tv, cartoons are always on. I wish I had cable. I think the younger generations are missing out on something.

Another thing is, whatever happened to the classics. I remember they would show older cartoons such as Popeye, Casper The Friendly Ghost, Quickdraw McGraw, Yogi Bear, The Flinstones, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes and/or Merrie Melodies, Tom And Jerry, Droopy, The Jetsons, Disney Cartoons.... The list goes on. I'm glad that some of this stuff is available on DVD. I really don't want to pay for something I used to get for free.

Going back to the younger generation. Some of these kids have been missing out on good cartoons. Some of the kids I know remember this stuff but not too well because the man decided about eight or nine years ago or maybe even more to take this stuff off the air and move them to cable. Some of it isn't available on cable and that makes me mad.

Look what happend to Cartoon Network and The Disney Channel. When I was a kid I didn't have cable, but my grandma did. It was cool because I just wanted to watch the old ones. Cartoon Network showed a lot of great cartoons from the old days and Disney showed all the great Disney cartoons that for some reason got replaced by teeniebopper shows such as, That's So Raven and Hannah Montana.

So if anybody is reading this that works in brodcasting please do something about this madness.
I miss Yogi Bear .

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Actual Blog... No Nonsense This Time

Today I had a crazy feeling. I felt unexcited about going to church. Inststead, a friend and I went out for breakfast. I just don't understand, I used to get really excited to go even if I wasn't getting anything out of it. Maybe that's it, I'm fed up with not getting anything out of church. I find myself going more to set an example for the students and I go for the worship and the fellowship afterwards.

I have checked out Revolution (A small church in Downey that some of my friends go to) a couple of times but, I told myself that I was not going to turn my back on Downey First Christian because they have helped me out a lot. Plus, I have established myself as a youth leader and I really like helping out at The Burn (Our student ministries).

Another thing is that I am starting to feel distant because I only have a few friends my own age that go to my church. I know, I shouldn't go to church for friends. That, for the longest time was the only place I could go to hang out with my friends. A lot of them started going to different churches or they moved away. But I am greatful for the friends that I have.

I just really miss the energy I had long ago. I miss getting something out of a message. I miss going out to lunch every week with my friends. I miss Sundays. I want it back damn it! I don't know what I have to do. but I'm gonna do something. I wish I knew. Gosh!!!

I need to stop feeling sorry for myself because this may just turn out to be "EMO". I guess this is why the blog was created in the first place, to vent out against the man.

Please if any of my friends read this, I am in pain here. Please pray for me. I need something.
-Thank You


Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Marshmallows

Tonight was very interesting. Betty White came to my house with a bunch of marshmallows. I told her to go away. She told me that she was selling them to help benefit those who lost their homes in the fires. Usually I would give but this time seemed a little strange.

You see Betty White is really old. I mean she must be at least One Hundred Sixty-Three years old. She should know that you don't sell marshmallows for a fundraiser. You either sell candy or cookies. I then called the Center for Old and Out of Work Celebrities hotline and explained my story.

A crew came within minutes to take her away and I feel really good about myself for calling the proper athorities.
-The End


Friday, October 26, 2007

Me And Scott Baio Down By The School Yard

This one time at about 10:00am, I went for a jog by West Middle School. I saw a man standing outside of the school that I could have sworn I had seen before. I went up to to the man to get a closer look. The man saw me and ran away. I ran after him because I really thought I may have known this guy from long ago. I then caught up to him and ten tackled him to the ground. He asked me not to hurt him and gave me all the money he had in his wallet so I would leave him alone. All he had on him was $5.00. Since it was only $5.00, I gave it back. As he was lying and cowering on the ground, I noticed it was TV's Scott Baio and then I helped him up. I asked him why was he hanging outside of a school and he told me that he was researching a roll for his upcoming movie, "Middle School Cop" a sequel to the 1990 Arnold Schwartzenegger movie, "Kidnegarden Cop". It was going straight to DVD. We hung out for a couple of hours and then we went out for sushi.

I realized that I had to go to work and he offered me a ride. I took it. We went back to my place so I could get ready for work. Scott asked if he could take me to work because he wanted to apply for a job. He said it was "research". I knew he was a washed up actor so I played along and I said, "Well if it's for research why not". Later on after my shift was over he asked if he could crash at my place for a couple of days. I should have said yes because it would have been cool to have a "celebrity" stay at my house. I knew he couldn't keep up with the rent and so I had to let him go. I never saw him again.
-The End


Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Amazing Day In The Lunaverse

Today was freaking Incredible. I woke up and John Stamos tried to kidnap me. I then preceded to throw him off of my body and then I knocked him out cold. Then Bill Murray came over and we played some wii. We then had some toast. Then I went to work and he went to the Downey Studios to film the movie, "No, Not Tim Allen Again" starring Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ted Danson. The End