Friday, October 26, 2007

Me And Scott Baio Down By The School Yard

This one time at about 10:00am, I went for a jog by West Middle School. I saw a man standing outside of the school that I could have sworn I had seen before. I went up to to the man to get a closer look. The man saw me and ran away. I ran after him because I really thought I may have known this guy from long ago. I then caught up to him and ten tackled him to the ground. He asked me not to hurt him and gave me all the money he had in his wallet so I would leave him alone. All he had on him was $5.00. Since it was only $5.00, I gave it back. As he was lying and cowering on the ground, I noticed it was TV's Scott Baio and then I helped him up. I asked him why was he hanging outside of a school and he told me that he was researching a roll for his upcoming movie, "Middle School Cop" a sequel to the 1990 Arnold Schwartzenegger movie, "Kidnegarden Cop". It was going straight to DVD. We hung out for a couple of hours and then we went out for sushi.

I realized that I had to go to work and he offered me a ride. I took it. We went back to my place so I could get ready for work. Scott asked if he could take me to work because he wanted to apply for a job. He said it was "research". I knew he was a washed up actor so I played along and I said, "Well if it's for research why not". Later on after my shift was over he asked if he could crash at my place for a couple of days. I should have said yes because it would have been cool to have a "celebrity" stay at my house. I knew he couldn't keep up with the rent and so I had to let him go. I never saw him again.
-The End



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