Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Beginning....

So, some of you know this, others don't. I just really haven't got a chance to tell you. On November 23, I will start my new job working in the ski rental shop at the Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City Utah.

It was a little bit iffy telling you this via the internet. I apologize to any of my close friends out there that had to find out this way rather than me telling you in person. Some of you I really tried to get a hold of others, I may have just forgotten. For that I am truly sorry.

You may ask, "Why the move"? Well, my uncle is inviting me to live with him rent free. Since it's truly impossible for me to save money working a part time job, I have decided to take him up on the offer.

I don't know how long I plan on being gone for. Truly, I would like to stay there for a year. I don't think that's going to happen. I may be there longer.

I am skeptical about moving. I'm putting it in God's hands. I feel that God wants me to do this.

One of the things that is going to be a challenge is finding a church. There is only one christian church around the area. My biggest fear is that I find one and get plugged in ASAP. I really don't want to become one of those people that leaves a church and moves away without getting back into one.

I've been talking to a lot of people about this move. Some are excited, others aren't. I know this is going to work out. I just wish it wasn't so soon. I'm gonna miss you all. It's important to remember, I really don't want to live there forever. I will be back. As they say in, "Masters of the Universe", this is not goodbye, this is good journey. Good journey everyone.