Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Utah Chronicles: One Month Later

It's been a month already. Wow, time flies when you're shoveling snow. Here's what's going on. I normally start my day roughly at 5:45am. I get ready and leave the house at about 6:30am. Then I'm headed off to the bus stop. The bus leaves at 7:00am and it gets about 5 degrees that early in the morning. I arrive at work at 7:30am and take a bit of a nap. At 8:00am, I start work. It's a good time. Then I leave at 5:00pm.

I'm a ski tech. The name sounds cool, but the job is crazy. I fit people for their boots. Then I fit the boot to the ski. I'm not gonna go too into detail, because I don't want to.

Sometimes I get to work at the Silverlake lodge. There it's me and a girl named Claudia. Claudia is from Uraguay. It's very boring there, so we spend most of the time just talking. I talk about how cool Downey is, and she talks about how awesome Uraguay is. The problem is I have a rough time listening to her because, she has a heavy accent.

The job has it's perks. I run into celebrities from time to time. Today I got to meet Dan Castelenta(I probably messed his name up. He's the guy who does Homer Simpson's voice).

On my days off, I usually go into Old Town Park City and just go through the stores. I've tried skiing a couple of times and got hurt doing so.

I haven't made any friends yet. I hope that'll change soon. I'm trying to find a church. The church I went to this past Sunday caught on fire, and there wasn't much of a sermon. Don't worry, the church is fine. I'm gonna try a church out this week that my Aunt's friend goes to. She's from Downey and works with the youth. Just like me. Maybe that's a sign.

Hope to blog to you guys soon. Time to bug out.