Friday, May 23, 2008


A lot of people have asked me where I get my ideas from when I make an Ooongatz movie. I try to be as original as possible. There is a Teen Girl Squad aspect to it. My ideas also come from South Park and probably every children's book out there. My main inspiration (even though I don't really show it) for the movies was older Peanuts comic strips from the 50s.

I checked out a book from the library about Charles Shultz and just started looking at the artwork. I saw how basic their faces looked way back when he started. My original plan was to make a comic book, but to make it look like a five year old wrote it. Then, after I drew the pictures, I decided to make it into a little movie.

My next inspiration was an accident. This happened when I originally wanted to make it into a comic book. There was an episode of The Simpsons where Bart created a comic book called, "Angry Dad". In the comic, Homer was out of model in every picture. That's when I decided that it was going to look like a child wrote it.

While I was creating the first one, half way through, I was just thinking that this was gonna be like a low budget Teen Girl Squad. That's something that I just didn't want. Then after I watched it a few times, I realized that it was different.

So here's the movie again. Watch it! It'll make you feel good.

And here is a response.


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