Monday, April 28, 2008

Since Everybody's Going Digital...

I'm a pretty basic guy. I don't have cable or satellite, and I sure as heck don't have HD. Sucks to be me. It sucks because in February, 2009, The government is cutting the analog signals and everybody is going to have to go digital. That's cool but I really didn't feel like spending more money on getting cable or a pretty decent tv (Although it would bed pretty sweet).

Then, on Friday, I got a coupon in the mail (Oooooh) for a digital converter box. It was like $40.00 off (High Five). So I headed out to Best Buy and picked one up. So now I can watch the Simpsons clearly and I can watch random music videos. Thank you government. High five... I said HIGH FIVE!


At April 28, 2008 at 10:55 PM , Blogger nathan118 said...

I signed up for one of those coupons. Think it makes the box come out to like 10 or 15 bucks right? Gonna need one for the upstairs tv, which gets crummy analog reception anyways, so this is a good deal!

At April 29, 2008 at 12:20 AM , Blogger said...

I received my coupon a few months ago, I've misplaced it but we also no longer have any analog / *old school* tuner tvs... so i guess it's not necessary I get one.

The unit I was going to get is being built by Dish Network, they are making two types. One will just do tuning and have like a day or two program guide. the other will allow you to plug in a USB drive and it will become a DVR also it's supposed to have I think a 7 day program guide.


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