Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sorry, I Have Been Away for a While

I am very sorry. Since my cool roommate has been back, I've been spending most of my free time hanging out with him and less time posting things and being upset at the world and blogging about it.

Things are pretty cool right now. I played volleyball today for the first time in forever. Boy do my arms hurt. That's about it. Life is awesome. I won a copy of Rockband. So that's cool. I can't play drums worth a darn, but I hear that Lori is pretty good at it. So if you are reading this Lori, you and Angelo need to come over and play. Anybody else out there in the Lunaverse is welcome too.

Oh yeah, before I go, I really need addresses emails and phone numbers of my friends that read this. I lost a bunch of phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. and I would like to have a sweet party at my house pretty soon and I really have no way to really get a hold of everybody I kinda care about. Email me your phone numbers and addresses at

If you can't communicate with your friends, you can't communicate with anybody, and that's one to grow on. Does anybody eaven remember, "One To Grow On"? Check this out.


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