Friday, August 29, 2008

The Case of the Missing Hat!

Okay, so this one time, Shaggy, Space Ghost, Magilla Gorilla, Elroy Jetson, and I were hanging out in Elroy's house, when all of a sudden, we saw Top Cat without his hat on. "Someone stole my hat"! Top Cat yelled. This really upset Space Ghost. He and Magilla went into Space's shuttle and flew around and looked for the suspect. I thought it was weird because Top Cat never told us what the suspect looked like until now.

Top Cat then told us that the suspect had blonde hair and a long brown shirt. He also didn't wear pants. Elroy typed it into his mini computer from the future. Only one match came back with that discription. It was Barney Rubble. The rest of us got into the Mystery Machine and headed off to Bedrock.

We pulled up to the Rubble estate and pretended to be Girl Scouts selling cookies. After Barney bought some Thin Mints, I picked up a rock and knocked him out. Shaggy and Elroy carried him into the Mystery Machine. On the way back Shaggy saw a character with Top Cat's hat on. "Zoinks"! Shaggy yelled. He looked and noticed a familiar face. It was his good friend, Fred.

Fred lost his clothes in a a game of strip poker he played with Race Bannon (The older gentleman from "Johnny Quest"), Secret Squirrel, and Boo-Boo Bear. He found a long brown shirt on the ground and put it on. It was also raining at the time, and he needed a hat. Thus explainig why he stole Top Cat's hat. We then returned to Elroy's house

Just then Space Ghost and Magilla Gorilla returned with Hong Kong Phooey all tied up. It's kind of funny because Hong Kong Phooey doesn't have blonde hair or a brown shirt on. Plus, he didn't even have the hat in the first place. After the two felt like fools, Hong Kong Phooey delivered them Hong Kong Phooey chops.

Barney soon recovered and forgave me for knocking him out. Then Papa Smurf came by and brought Fred's clothes back that he won in a game of Russian Roulette that he played with Boo-Boo Bear. Boo-Boo lost.

The End


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