Monday, June 30, 2008

Bikes Are Fun!

So last night I came to a funny conclusion... Bike riding is fun. Especially with a group of friends. Last night after work, my good friend Jason left me a text saying, "We are coming to pick you up". First off, I didn't know who we was and secondly, I thought I was getting picked up in a car. To my suprise, "we" were a bunch of friends and I wasn't getting picked up in a car, instead I ended up joining a caravan of bikes.

We went to this new yogurt place called Blizberry. It was pretty bomb, I must say. It was also the most fun I have ever had riding a bike in a while. It was also nice doing something fun with people my own age for a change. We gotta do it again.

If anybody out there wants to go for a random bike ride, hit me up. - 562-413-8638.


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