Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Here's one word of advice for you if you decide to do your Christmas shopping at Ross: DON'T

I found a couple of things I wanted to get for somebody, and the lines were ridiculous. First of all the lines are not organized whatsoever. I stepped in line and this lady said, "Hey get the F outta here! I was here first!" I told her that I didn't notice that she was in line and I appologized. I moved into another line. Then I found out it was for returns. Which was kind of confusing because there was no sign that indicated that it was for returns. It turned out there was a sign but it was in Spanish. My bad!


At December 10, 2007 at 3:34 PM , Blogger Lindsay Marie said...

I officially gave up on the Ross in Downey. It is so disorganized and horribly messy, even on a Monday morning. I can't stand it. I will shop at other Ross stores, but the Downey one- NO WAY! I agree with you, Chris.

I've moved on to Marshall's. At least you can kind of still see the floor there.


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