Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Talk About The Weather

I don't know abouut you guys, but I love it when news reporters go out on the streets and interview people about the rain. It's always the same thing. "What do you think about the rain"? Somebody will always say that we need it or it sure is wet out there. Others might say that they hate it.

It's always the top story today. In fact, on the K-CAL News At Noon, it was the top story. Coming in second: A standoff at Hillary Clinton's political H.Q. in New Hampshire. I am not a big fan of Hillary's, but I kind of feel that this should have been the top story, not "What do you think about the rain"?

Here's what I think about the rain. It's wet and it makes it hard for me to get to work. End of story.

What do you think about the weather? Comment me, I'm intrested!


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